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The Best Gaming April Fools from around the Internet

Jack Gardner



Happy April Fools' Day! It seems like everyone has a soft spot for laughing and making jokes and game developers, publishers, and  tech companies are no exception. Without further ado, let's start laughing!



Google really committed itself to April Fooling everyone this year with Google Nose, a search engine for smells, GMail Blue, a news story reporting that Google got their idea for Google Glass from Leonardo da Vinci, a "Levity Algorithm" that detects boring situations, the discontinuation of YouTube and a declaration of best video, Google Fiber Poles, Your Photos + Emotion, and Google Treasure Maps.



Then there was the slew of announcements for non-existant tech products like Toshiba's Toshibashpere that is completely wireless and has a built-in rage monitor, or Sony's line of Animalia tech geared toward pets. IGN exclusively introduced Apple's new gaming console, the iPlay, that will only play Angry Birds titles.


Several game developers made April Fools announcements today, as well. Ubisoft announced a DLC expansion to their highly praised Far Cray 3, titled Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Given that there have been leaks leading up to their announcement and registrations for the DLC name made, there is some doubt as to whether Blood Dragon is real, or if it is simply another prank. In the meantime, head over to the awesome 90s themed Blood Dragon site where you can listen to two tracks from the game, read a brief synopsis, an interview with the director, and look at some killer merchandise.


Deus Ex: Human Defiance has been pulling a similar trick to Blood Dragon in that people have been hearing about it for the past few weeks, but have been given precious little information to latch onto. Wonder no more! Deus Ex: Human Defiance is a revolutionary 8-bit game from the creators of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, offering deep choice, stunning visuals, a co-op campaign, and "so much more stuff."



Guild Wars 2 is celebrating April Fools' Day with their Super Adventure Box. Accessed in Guild Wars 2, the Super Adventure Box is a series of three levels in a 90s 3D action-platformer style. The trailer also reeks of 90s nostalgia and features a hilarious Rytlok Brimstone.


Thatgamecompany, the developer behind Journey, announced a new DLC mode for the award winning title called Rocket Death Match. In a brief gameplay trailer, players jump around firing rockets at each other in an attempt to be the last wanderer standing. Could this be real? Who knows, but the DLC is stated to be coming out April Fools' Day 2014.



Here are a slew of random, but still pertinent, April 1st products and announcements: The popular RunKeeper app for iPhone announced that they are bringing the exercise software to iPad; Revision3 announced that it would be rebranding itself as all magazines; Coursera is now offering a course to satisfy your deep need to aquatically produce baskets; sent out promotional material for the newest and greatest technology available today; and the guys at Hackaday created a trolling Kickstarter for "The Nose Light."


Also, VentureBeat reported that the developers of the game Divekick want to market a two-button controller. Sadly, that is actual news and not made up.

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