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The Banner Saga Receives Release Date, Announcement Trailer

Jack Gardner



Following an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign (which raised over seven times what developer Stoic Games asked for) and several months of development, the gorgeously animated The Banner Saga is finally coming to PC and Mac.


The meat of The Banner Saga is that of a turn-based strategy game set in a world of Norse mythology, giants, and sorcery. However, the single-player campaign will be similar to a, quoting from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, "ultra high-stakes game of Oregon Trail," with every step in the overworld potentially bringing a new event or enemy encounter for players to deal with and live with the repercussions.


After receiving their Kickstarter funds, Stoic Games released a free multiplayer version of their game that showcased the vibrant visuals of the full game as well as the gameplay in a PvP setting. This trial version/demo was called The Banner Saga: Factions and can be downloaded and played here. Following the release of Factions, the studio went quiet, until now.



The Banner Saga's first installment will release on PC and Mac on January 14, 2014. To hammer that point home, Stoic has released a ned trailer heralding their game's impending release, which you can view below.

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