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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Sets the Stage for Life is Strange 2

Marcus Stewart

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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is Dontnod's heartwarming new story set in the Life is Strange universe. Instead of focusing on teenage drama, the game centers on a child with an imagination vivid enough to, seemingly, come to life. 


Though it occupies the same world as Max and Chloe's, Captain Spirit is a standalone story.  A lonely boy named Chris lives as an only-child to a father who neglects him. In order to entertain himself, he turns to the world of make-believe. However, his fantasies seem to manifest beyond his thoughts, suggesting Chris may have posses supernatural abilities–a trademark element of Life is Strange. Dontnod states that the game acts a precursor to Life is Strange 2, a project that still has not been formally unveiled. Also, Captain Spirit appears to be a one-off installment as opposed to being a season of episodes. 



You won't have to wait long to play along with Chris. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit launches June 26 and will be completely free to download. The game is slated to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

Edited by Marcus Stewart

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