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Take an Extended Look at Rage 2's Neon World and Chaotic Gameplay

Naomi N. Lugo



The rumors of Rage 2 transformed from a murmur to a dull roar after a retailer leak earlier this year. During the Bethesda E3 conference on June 10, our not-so-suspicious suspicions were confirmed when the title made its explosive appearance at the show.


The chaos began with a performance by Andrew W.K, whose voice makes an appearance in the violence-filled trailer below. The sharp-eared among us will recognize his voice as the motion-sensor activated, singing head mounted head on the wall dubbed Ruckus the Crusher. In the trailer we also get to see the story behind the game, the oh so over-the-top combat and the open-world in which it all takes place.




Players will control Walker, the last ranger in this world devastated by an asteroid and infested with mutants. As far as gameplay goes, it's described as “the most insane shooter you have ever played," by Avalanche Studios Game Director Magnus Nedfors.


Rage 2 is scheduled to release  on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring of 2019. 


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