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Take a Look Behind the Curtain at the Spiritual Successor to Theme Hospital

Jack Gardner



If you have been craving a comedy hospital management sim, Two Point Hospital might be the game for you. Two of the key developers who worked on the 1997 classic Theme Hospital, Mark Webley and Gary Carr, formed their own indie studio to create their ideal successor. 


Players design their own hospitals; placing rooms, hiring staff, and treating patients. The team at Two Point has talked about finding the silliest ways to visually communicate diseases or symptoms. The easiest way to grasp this approach is by watching their announcement trailer, which explores Light-Headedness, a condition which turns a patient's head into a lightbulb. The only cure for Light-Headedness is to use a specialized machine to remove the lightbulb head and replace it with a new human head. 



According to Webley and Carr, the ideas they're exploring in Two Point Hospital are ones that they have been stewing on for decades, even while they were working on Theme Hospital. The visual design seems reminiscent of the Wallace and Gromit claymation cartoons, a welcome update to the styling of their previous work.


People who are interested in learning more about Two Point Hospital can sign up for Hospital Pass, which is a fictional healthcare system to keep fans up to date on development. Those who sign up will also get access to an exclusive in-game item.



Two Point Hospital will release sometime in 2018 for PC.

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