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Supergiant Games Unveils Ti'zo Plushie

Jack Gardner



Pyre, the supernatural mash-up of fantasy and NBA Jam, released last year to an overall positive reception. With a colorful cast of characters, players were sucked into the world of the Downside and the stories of its inhabitants. One character really seemed to capture hearts and minds: The indomitable Ti'zo.  


The imp king of the Downside seems to possess more cunning and skill than his brethren. This is demonstrated by his ability to join the rest of the cast in the ritual games of Pyre for a shot at freedom from the prison universe of Downside. He also possesses a freaking adorable design courtesy of Supergiant Games' Jen Zee  and Camilo Vanegas. It's no wonder that the little fella now has his own official plushie line from Supergiant's online store. 


The plushie is available beginning today, but won't begin shipping around the world until April 17. If you're a bit impatient to get your hands on him and happen to be attending PAX East 2018, you will be able to purchase the venerable imp's likeness at the Supergiant Games area at booth 19091. The stuffed Ti'zo retails for $34.99, but those who purchase it this weekend will be able to use PAX2018 at checkout to get 10% off of that price.

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