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Super Mario Maker Update Adds Several New Features

Jack Gardner



Remember the keys from Super Mario World that you could take to special keyholes and access new parts of the game level? Well, those are being added to Super Mario Maker in a free update today. Players will be able to place keys by shaking P-switches and keyholes by shaking doors. The additional options this opens up for world builders everywhere are pretty exciting. For example, players can attach keys to enemies to create boss battles required to progress to the end of the level.


This update will also affect coins and Thwomps. Players can shake coins in create mode to generate pink coins. When someone traversing a level collects all the pink coins, a key appears to allow for additional progress. Thwomps can now be shaken to turn them into the giant falling columns that first appeared in Super Mario World. 


The free update brings additional difficulties and rewards to the 100-Mario Challenge. Super Expert will pit players against the hardest of the hard player-created levels. Intrepid gamers who manage to conquer Super Expert will be rewarded with five new Mystery Mushroom costumes. Those who complete Normal and Expert difficulties following the update will be rewarded with three and four new Mystery Mushroom costumes, respectively.  


As of January 27, there were over 6.2 million Super Mario Maker courses in the world with a total of over 400 million plays of those levels. That's a lot of Mario.

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