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Super Mario Land 2 Receives a New Coat of Paint Courtesy of a Hacker

Jack Gardner



The original Game Boy was home to many creative and interesting monochrome platformers in the early 90s. The Game Boy Color came along in 1998 to bring some color to the mobile gaming market, but most of the old Game Boy classics remained forever devoid of color. 

That is, until hackers began getting a hold of them. Someone going by the handle Toruzz released a ROM hack of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins into the wild earlier this week. The Game Boy original introduced the world to Wario, put Mario into outer space, and was just one of the best platformers the brick-sized Game Boy had to offer. 


Toruzz work on the modified ROM is, quite frankly, beautiful. The entire palate of the game breathes a living retro vibe that would feel right at home on a gaming system from the 90s. Not only that, but the flickering screen that pained players back in the day is no more in Toruzz's version. The hacker also added Luigi as a playable character and rebalances some aspects of the original game. It's like looking into an alternate dimension where Super Mario Land 2 was remastered for the Game Boy Color - and that's really pretty neat!  


The hack is fully titled Super Mario Land 2 DX and it even has its own trailer!



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