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Summing Up the Konami Pre-E3 Show

Jack Gardner



Konami held its pre-E3 show today to make a variety of announcements. The event began with the president of Konami Digital Entertainment, Tomoyuki Tsuboi, talking about the company’s past as an early arcade cabinet manufacturer and its initiative to put Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition in American schools to help combat obesity. After that brief announcement, the event shifted its focus into the company’s social, mobile, and gambling titles for iOS and Android. 


A new game engine was announced for the title Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. Named Fluidity and based on Metal Gear Solid V’s Fox Engine, the goal of the new engine is to provide more realistic visuals, animations, and crowd interaction. PES 2014’s director touted the visual fidelity of the engine as “much higher quality than have ever been seen in a sports game.”


Hideo Kojima made his appearance to discuss Metal Gear Solid V and the decision to change Solid Snake’s voice. After teasing the main themes of the game on Twitter for the last couple weeks, Kojima confirmed that MGSV is going to be centered around the themes of race and revenge. The game will also take place in 1984, moving away from the near future setting of MGS4. Kojima announced that the voice and animations of the iconic Solid Snake will be done by Keifer Sutherland, best known for his role as Jack Bauer in the television series 24. A large portion of the MGSV part of this press event was dedicated to trying to ease the blow to series fans that the original voice actor, David Hayter, would not be reprising his role as the familiar protagonist. Kojima explained that this was due to the need for facial animation capture concerns and to provide an authentic 1984 voice.



The lead director of Mercurysteam then came on to talk about Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 and how it connects to the first Lords of Shadow. Players will take on the role of Dracula in the modern world, able to visit and explore series staples like the Dracula mansion, but also able to move around within a modern city. In Lords of Shadow 2, Mercurysteam assured players, you will be able to move around the game world with no loading times. The team also discussed their struggles to implement a free, player-controlled camera, a risky move for any game. The talk concluded with a new cinematic trailer for Lords of Shadow 2, which confirms that Sir Patrick Stewart will reprise his role as Zobek from the first game.


You can view the full broadcast here (edit: the broadcast has since been made private).

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