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Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut Dated

Jack Gardner



The space combat shooter Strike Suit Zero is being significantly updated and ported to next-gen consoles to make use of their more powerful hardware.


Strike Suit Zero is about flying around in space and blowing things up, which are both things I can get behind. After a successful Kickstarter in 2012, it released last year to a warm reception from both fans of space combat games and people who don't have nostalgia love for spiritual successors to games like Rogue Squadron and FreeSpace. There were a number of complaints and valid concerns that the community began to discuss on the Strike Suit Zero forums, and Born Ready Games has been listening. 


The Director's Cut attempts to fix many of the criticisms fans and reviewers had of Strike Suit Zero. This includes redone voice acting, in some places even replacing the original voices. Everything in-game has been converted into a higher resolution. Many of the ship models have been tweaked or redone to reflect their respective origins and functions. New lighting systems have been designed to highlight the increased number of polygons in the textures. Most importantly for new players, the first three missions have been restructured to serve as a more effective introduction to the strike suit.



Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut will release on April 8 for Xbox One and April 9 for PS4. Both versions will be downloadable $19.99.



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