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Starfield Confirmed As Bethesda's New IP, Set in Space

Naomi N. Lugo

Starfield (2).png


Much like The Elder Scrolls VI, we didn't get much from the reveal of Starfield aside from a quick teaser trailer confirming its existence. We had some clue that this title would eventually surface due to a leak on 4chan. The post stated that Starfield would be a sci-fi open world RPG along with other details.


In the trailer, we catch a view of a planet from what may be from the inside of a space vessel. A window-like reflection of the letters "CONSTE..." faintly appears in the bottom-left corner(:17 into the video). A star-shaped station floating outside is then engulfed in light in what possibly look like some sort of hyper-jump. 




Time will tell when we'll get any more information about Starfield. There is a website, Starfield.Bethesda.Net where people can watch the teaser and sign up for updates. 

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