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Stardock Unleashes Galactic Civilizations III Screens, Timeline, and Civilization Histories

Jack Gardner



Galactic Civilizations III looks better than ever with improved graphics and additional races while also welcoming newcomers into the fold by presenting galactic histories as well as an interactive timeline for curious prospective players to delve into the lore of the galaxy circa 2242.


Galactic Civilizations is a series of turn-based, 4X strategy titles dating back to 2003 (after Stardock remade the original from 1994). Basically, it applied Sid Meier's Civilization to outer space and different alien species. Rather than dealing with purely terrestrial ideological and technological differences, players had to navigate sticky situations like how to deal with the Yor, an implacable race of sentient robots with one mind and a deep hatred of organic life.




Now the third official installment is gearing up to come to PCs. For people who never played the previous entries, which covered the beginnings of human expansion into the larger galactic stage and a gigantic war against a faction of one of the oldest space-faring races known as the Dread Lords, Stardock has written up background info for most of the playable races (more will be revealed soon), and a timeline of the galaxy beginning billions of years ago. 

You might be thinking to yourself, "Why would I care to know the lore of Galactic Civilizations?" For one, it gives you an idea of what each civilization is looking for on the diplomatic side of the game. For another, it provides context for this awesome announcement trailer.



For more information on Galactic Civilization III, check out the databanks on the game's website.


Any strategy fans out there chomping at the bit to get their hands on the next big space 4X?

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