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Stardew Valley to Receive Co-op (and Horses with Hats) in the Next Month

Jack Gardner



We've known four player co-op has been on its way to Stardew Valley for a while now. Back in January, Eric Barone, the game's developer, tweeted out that he had been experimenting with a co-op build of the game with friends and found it a really great time. The reveal of that potential feature coming in the near future was exciting, but there wasn't any general timeline of when to expect the feature to make its way into the game. Now we at least have an idea.


Eric Barone, who tweets under the handle Concerned Ape on Twitter, announced that development of the co-op update has been going well and that if squashing bugs continues at the current rate the update should release in about a month. That's by no means a hard timeline, but it at least gives us all an idea of when we might expect to see our friends in our digital fields.



The update will bring a bunch of additional features, too, though what all of those might be remains unknown. At the very least we will get the ability to put hats on horses. That's right. Hats. On. Horses. And that's pretty awesome. 

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