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StarCraft II Introduces Spawning Functionality

Jack Gardner



Yesterday, Blizzard implemented a new feature to StarCraft II called “Spawning.” Essentially, spawning allows players who have purchased the latest version of StarCraft II to invite friends to their game who have an older version, or free version, and spawn them in, upgrading their content to the latest version for the duration of their gameplay session.


This means that if a Heart of the Swarm player invites a Wings of Liberty player to their party, the Wings of Liberty player is instantly upgraded to be able to access Heart of the Swarm content. The same applies to players with free Starter Edition accounts who are invited to a Wings of Liberty or Heart of the Swarm party.


What content is unlocked for spawned players:


- All vs A.I. modes, including team games

- Ranked and unranked team games

- All custom game maps

- Access to the arcade (user-generated mods)


Spawned players cannot access certain content:

- Single-player campaign

- Certain social features, like clans and groups

- Can only play as a pre-selected race in multiplayer (currently Terran)


This is a great day if you have friends that own StarCraft II. Party sizes are capped at fifteen players, meaning that one game owner could invite up to fourteen people who own the Starter Edition and give them access to those higher features from Wings of Liberty or Heart of the Swarm. Also, if you own Heart of the Swarm, playing with friends earns you a 25% experience bonus, so this is a perfect opportunity to play with friends who have never been able to fully check out Heart of the Swarm or Wings of Liberty.


For more information on Spawning, you can watch this handy video.


For more information on the Starter Edition, you can watch this other handy video.


To download the Starter Edition and start mooching off your friends, click this link.

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