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Star Wars: The Old Republic Shows off Space Battles

Jack Gardner



The next expansion of the free-to-play Star Wars MMO promises to bring the two faction into conflict with spaceships and lasers. Lots of lasers.


The Domination trailer shows the expansion, Galactic Starfighter, in action. The main addition will be of free form, 12v12, aerial dogfights pitting the Sith Empire and the Republic against one another in customization starfighters. Players will be able to recruit co-pilots to activate ship abilities as well as additional crew members for passive abilities. Performance in space battles will have effects on the ongoing ground wars, as well as a direct effect on your ground characters in the form of experience and credits.



Subscribers will have access to the expansion beginning December 3, preferred players will gain access on the January 14, and everyone will have access by February 4. For more information, you can visit the Galactic Starfighter website.


Any Extra Lifers out there who play SWTOR?

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