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Star Wars Battlefront II Gameplay & Details Revealed in New Trailer

Joseph Knoop

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EA debuted a sizeable amount of Star Wars: Battlefront II gameplay footage at E3 Saturday. A two-minute in-engine trailer showed off a load of Star Wars universe icons, including clone troopers fighting Separatist battle droids in the streets and palace hallways of Naboo, heroes and villains like Darth Maul, Rey, and Boba Fett. The trailer also featured unique locales, such as an as-of-yet unnamed ice planet, a jungle planet with wildlife, and our favorite space bears, the wookies.
New vehicles were also featured, including the Naboo starfighter, a V-Wing, droid starfighter, and ground units like the Trade Federation armored assault tanks and AT-RTs, small walker units similar to the much larger AT-STs meant for individual clone troopers.
Space combat makes its debut as well, featuring a heated dogfight between Empire TIE fighters and rebel X-Wings and the Millenium Falcon.
Check out the trailer for a full look at the gameplay and Naboo map, and make sure to check back later for a full rundown of EA’s live demo of Star Wars Battlefront II. There was a ton of footage and gameplay to chew through. What has you most excited for the next iteration of Battlefront?



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