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Square Enix Ports Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth to iOS and Android

Jack Gardner



Continuing the trend of porting retro RPGs to mobile, Square Enix unexpectedly released the 2006 PSP remake of the classic Valkyrie Profile today on iOS and Android. The company had been teasing a Valkyrie-related release for 2018, but no information was available on it until today. 


Originally a PlayStation 1 exclusive, Valkyrie Profile follows the exploits of Lenneth, a Valkyrie in service to Odin and Freya. The godly duo assign Lenneth the task of obtaining and training powerful souls, Einherjar, for the coming of the final battle Ragnarok. Across a series of chapters, Lenneth travels the world of Midgard reaping souls and helping them make peace with their former lives so they can move on and focus on the coming apocalypse. Along the way, Lenneth becomes entangled in a variety of divine conflicts involving sorcery, elves, necromancers, and the Norse pantheon. 

The 2006 PSP release offers some higher quality audio and scraps the original animated opening and cutscenes in favor of reworked CG versions of those scenes. The portable version was based off of the Japanese version, which released a year before the North American release of Valkyrie Profile. That means that some of the tweaks that were present in the original version were lost, such as the ability to alter the entire party's armor instead of just active party members. However, additional scenes from the North American release made it into the remastered version. 


The mobile version has only a few minor tweaks to adapt it for new platforms. The most welcome of these being auto-save and the ability to save anywhere. There's also an auto-battle feature if you don't want to actually play the game.


Unfortunately, Square Enix has also decided to add booster packs for sale on top of the $16 (soon to be $18) price of the base game, which... yeah, that's not great. All told, there's about $21-$28 (depending on how you bundle them) of these additional things in the base game that allow players to earn triple EXP, halve the cost of in-game items, heal instantly after fights, be immune to status ailments, and more. Each of those abilities cost about $4 on their own. 



There has been some poor reception recently of Square Enix's mobile offerings, so tread carefully.

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