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Sony Delivers Ultimate Fan Service



Sony’s press conference featured a strong showing of gameplay and trailers. With expected titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Last Guardian to unexpected surprises like Spider-Man and the return of Resident Evil. Sony followed with the announcement of PlayStation VR dropping this October with 50 titles being available by the end of the year. There were no news of PS4.5 or any technological leap for the PlayStation, but Sony gave fans exactly what they wanted. Other shows may have had the glitz and the glamour, but clearly the best was saved for last.  

Starting things off in dramatic fashion, a live orchestra and choir performed as the curtain rose to reveal the first game of the night: a new God of War. Kratos is back with his extreme brutality, but gone is his extreme bloodlust and rage (for now) He is shown teaching a young boy, possibly his son, how to survive in the frozen wastelands they call home. With impressive skill and a versatile axe at his disposal God of War is looking fantastic and quite Norse.

Days Gone kept things rolling as the audience assumed it might be The Last of Us 2, but was treated with an open-world zombie apocalypse. The demo ended the night, but both the trailer and live gameplay was enough to let you know that the people in this world are completely in over their heads. Dodging death every five minutes and continuous running looks to be the core of this zombie thriller.

Not much was shown about The Last Guardian, but we finally got the one thing we've been waiting for: a release date. October 25, 2016 is the day we'll finally get our hands on Team Ico's long in-development title. 

Horizon: Zero Dawn showed up with a chunk of new content to be shown off.  The demo featured mounting, capturing and taming of the mechanical creatures. It also sprinkled some hints of the overall plot.  

Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream's next adventure game, looks intriguing as you take control of an android negotiator. There are many paths you can take and not all of them are pleasant. Solve conflicts diplomatically or resort to force if you have to in an adventure where the only choice that matters is the one you can live with.

Sony announced that players would finally be able to have a powerful VR machine in their home for $399 this October. It was followed by a laundry list of titles in development. Waypoint, Arkham VR, Star Wars: Battlefront X Wing Mission, and Final Fantasy VR experience were the highlights. It you've haven't been introduced to VR this is a good starting point with over 50 games being released from launch to the end of the year.

Call of Duty came to impress this year with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Remastered. Infinite warfare not only showed us impressive visuals, but new exciting gameplay that has been miss from the Call of Duty universe for quite some time as well.  It definitely got the trigger fingers happy again.

The biggest surprise of the night was when they introduced Kojima and he presented his next great project, Death Standing. Silent Hill may have been canceled, but he kept Norman Reedus to star in his next idea. Norman is seen fully naked in a strange, sci-fi world that only Kojima could think of. Aside from the brain melting teaser, nothing else is known about the new title Death Standing.

People have been buzzing about a possible Resident Evil reboot, but instead we were gifted with Resident Evil 7. It is filled with creepy atmospheres, stark visuals, and tense music. The trailer isn’t for the faint of heart, so there is no telling what players will have to face when this title releases.

Crash Bandicoot is back! Remastered in all his glory, players will get to relive his first three adventures, as well as see him beside their favorite Skylanders. 

One of the best looking fan service games is Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4. Working with Marvel, this title brings classic Spider-Man style to the next-gen era. If the game plays as great as it looks we can finally stop talking about how great Spider-Man 2 was on the PS2.

Sony delivered one fantastic surprise after the other as their conference was filled with trailers and demos of their impressive upcoming games. There was no need for talk or speech. It was a fun ride with many games to look forward to in the coming year.

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I uh, might have already pre-ordered the Last Guardian collectors edition yesterday...I guess now I need a ps4. Hmm.

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