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Someday You'll Return Channels the Spirit of Silent Hill

Jack Gardner



How far would you go to find your missing child with reality shattering around you? 


In Someday You'll Return, players take on the role of Daniel, a father attempting to track down his daughter, Stela, who ran away and never came home. The trail takes Daniel to a town in the Moravian wilderness tied to his past, a place shrouded in secrets and lies. Those mysteries and nebulous truths take on physical form, confronting and attacking Daniel. Some of those nightmares belong to the residents of the town, but some are born a little closer to home.


As Daniel journeys through the Moravian forests (which have all been based on real-world locations in the the Czech Republic), he encounters a variety of off-kilter residents who offer insight into Stela's motivations for repeatedly running away. All of this sounds like there's something more going on behind the scenes - which makes it all the more Silent Hill-like. 


Someday You'll Return takes place in a first-person perspective and leans hard into psychological horror. However, it also plays more like a modern adventure game along the lines of Firewatch with some light survival elements. It looks interesting and unpredictable - the kind of game where you know there will almost certainly be a twist (or multiple twists), but what exactly that twist might be could be anyone's guess.  



Someday You'll Return will release sometime in 2019 for PC. 

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