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Sit atop a Golden Toilet in Two Point Hospital

Jack Gardner



Look, it's not a big story, but it's not every day that a developer sends a picture of a golden toilet to your inbox. 


At Rezzed, the London-based game industry event, developer Two Point revealed the exclusive item that people who sign up for their (free) promotional Hospital Pass. That item was, of course, a solid gold bowl of glory and bowel movements. The item has been a secret since Two Point Hospital's announcement back in January


To unlock the golden toilet, prospective players will need to log onto the Two Point Hospital website, sign up for Hospital Pass, and buy the game at launch. After that, the toilet of dreams can be a part of your fictional hospital. 


Two Point Hospital is the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital designed by the people who made the original with more creative freedom than ever before. It takes a comedic approach to sickness and making people well with a variety of fictional maladies and treatments. The entire production has a Wallace and Gromit aesthetic that's immediately pleasing and amusing. 



Two Point Hospital will release sometime later this year for PC.

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