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Sega Folds on Console Gaming

Jack Gardner



Sega has asked around 300 member of both the US and Japanese development staff to accept a voluntary retirement package. The goal of these layoffs is to restructure the company around mobile and online PC gaming. 


Eurogamer caught wind of Sega's reorganization today through a note sent out today. Sega of America's office will be moved out of San Francisco to lower costs as nearly 120 employees will be let go between now and summer. These changes will not affect any of Sega's announced release dates or the Sonic Boom television series, though it remains to be seen how developers who work with Sega as their publisher, like Creative Assembly or Relic Entertainment, will be affected.


This is certainly an unfortunate turn of events for the once monolithic rival to Nintendo. Despite numerous attempts to reboot Sonic the Hedgehog and make a competitive run at console game development, Sega hasn't had a hugely successful console hit in years.


Still, it feels something like the end of an era.


We wish only the best to those affected and their families.   

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