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See The Last of Us Recreated in Lego Form

Jack Gardner



The Last of Us was a gritty tale of survival in a post-apocalyptic world that delved into society's dysfunction and the quirks of the human psyche. Many people hailed it as a high point for video games and championed developer Naughty Dog's achievement. That was years ago, but fans of the game have held onto their passion. Tim Schwalfenberg, an experienced Lego artist, was one such fan and he felt compelled to show his appreciation with an ambitious Lego build.


Schwalfenberg worked on his creation for a month, pouring over 100 hours of effort into his vision. He used at least 20,000 individual pieces, an estimate that some consider to be low. The entire set takes up a space of 3.5x2 feet and truly captures the decaying look of The Last of Us' environment. That's not an easy feat to accomplish in Lego, which by its nature is more suited to orderly construction, but Tim Schwalfenberg pulled it off with masterful style.




Part of what helped Schwalfenberg to achieve his goals with the piece was deciding that he would need to create some of his own custom blocks if he wanted to really take his Last of Us art to the next level. Using a 3D printer, Schwalfenberg made different pieces to add visual texture to the environment and building interiors.


You can (and should, there is some fantastic creations to see) view all the pictures of Schwalfenberg's The Last of Us build and his other work on his personal gallery.

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