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Secret Ponchos Unveils the Matador

Jack Gardner



Developer Switchblade Monkeys has added a fifth playable character, a new map, 4v4 game types, and a new Deathmatch mode to their Early Access title on Steam. The dev team will also be extending their Early Access sale. 


The gigantic update to Secret Ponchos introduces the sword-wielding Matador, who gracefully moves around the battlefield dodging and deflecting bullets. 4v4 matches have also been added to Domination mode along with an all-new Deathmatch that pits players against each other with no respawns. Finally, players can shoot up a new map that recreates the turmoil of character Kid Red's burned out homestead.



Normally I am loath to include purchasing details for an Early Access title, but in this case there is a sale involved so I'm bending my rules. From now until August 19th, Secret Ponchos is available on Steam Early Access for 40% off normal price and people who purchase the Early Access version will receive another copy of the game to share with a friend. 


For those of you curious about the gameplay, check in on the Secret Ponchos Twitch stream that will be going on until 9PM Pacific today.


There is currently no solid release date for Secret Ponchos, but it is expected to release either at the end of this year or early 2015 for both PC and PlayStation 4.

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