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Second Demo for Nioh Coming in August

Jack Gardner



The alpha demo for the demon slaying Nioh back in April met with smashing success, garnering more than 850,000 downloads over 10 days. Those who played filled out a survey to help Team Ninja fine tune the gameplay and weapons. A beta demo slated for a late August release now includes many of those changes.


Players will be able to download the beta through the PlayStation Store from August 23 to September 6.


The Dark Souls/Akira Kurosawa-inspired Nioh thrusts players into the role of a 16th century Japanese warrior who clashes with various demons and monsters on his quest to fulfill his destiny. The beta will include a broader range of weapons; more axes, hammers, spears, and katana. Some of the beta will have players retreading  the same ground as the alpha, but with revamped gameplay. However, there will be a new dojo area, training mode, and a mysterious stage that Team Ninja has not yet revealed.  



Nioh releases later this year exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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