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Sea of Solitude Shines as EA's Most Interesting Indie

Jack Gardner



EA has made a habit of including a few smaller scale indie projects in its E3 press events over the last few years. This year they highlighted both Unravel Two and a completely unknown game from Berlin-based studio Jo-Mei. The studio's creative director, Cornelia Geppart took to EA's stage to announce Sea of Solitude, or SoS for short. 

"When humans get lonely they turn into monsters - this is the core of everything you will see, hear, and feel in SoS," said Geppart as footage of Sea of Solitude rolled in the background. Alternating between cheery scenery of a flooded town and a world of shadow inhabited by horrifically mutated humanoids, SoS seems like a combination of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and I Am Alive (a gritty indie disaster game set after a natural apocalypse that released in 2012 - maybe this comparison wasn't great since not many people played it). 


The story focuses on Kay, a young woman who has begun turning into one of the monsters that surrounds her. Why is this happening to everyone? How can she reverse the process? Players will have to brave the open seas and scavenge for supplies among monster infested towns to uncover the answers.



Expect to see Sea of Solitude ship out in early 2019 for PC and consoles.

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