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Rockstar Teases New Red Dead Title

Jack Gardner



Rockstar Games tweeted out a plain red image yesterday bearing a slightly washed out version of their logo. The tease ignited a frenzy of speculation - were they hinting at a long rumored remaster of Red Dead Redemption? Maybe an overhaul of the classic Red Dead Revolver? Or perhaps something entirely new? 



Though no official answers have been released by Rockstar, the tease has caused many to re-evaluate a supposed leak from earlier this year that was reportedly the world map for Red Dead Redemption 2. That leak, appearing on NeoGAF and later confirmed by an anonymous source to Techradar, seemed to indicate the next Red Dead game would be a prequel to the highly acclaimed Red Dead Redemption. Keep in mind that Rockstar has never substantiated any of that and the leak could very possibly have been fabricated.


Some gamers have claimed to crack Rockstar's website and confirmed that the name of the upcoming title will be Red Dead Retribution. Those claims ended up being a misleading hoax


The only additional piece of solid information about the Read Dead project comes from a second image that Rockstar tweeted out earlier today: 



The image displays an array of gunslingers against a classic Western sunset in Magnificent Seven-like posing. It suggests an ensemble cast of characters, in which case a game diving into the outlaw gang days of Red Dead Redemption's John Marston might not be totally out of the question. Of course, this is Rockstar - a company that strives to do new and better things, so perhaps they're aiming to take their Western franchise in an entirely new direction with a wholly different story and characters.


However the details turn out, a new Red Dead title will be riding over the horizon sometime soon and that's worth some excitement. 

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