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Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder Rolls onto Nintendo Switch

Jack Gardner



The quirky and lovable tale about a really big rock barrels onto Nintendo Switch today, opening up a whole new audience to the Rock of Ages franchise. The digital release mixes an incredibly inaccurate retelling of history with the odd surrealism of Katamari Damancy to create a gaming experience that really can't be found in other games. 


Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder follows a conflict between titans of the art world doing surreal battle across a wide variety of impossible spaces. Pitting the player against the likes of Vincent van Gogh, The Thinker, and the Great Sphinx. The story introduces a wide variety of silly characters taken from world mythologies and history.


Ace Team developed the game in Unreal Engine 4, an underlying game engine that allowed the team to improve the game's physics and make even more destructible environments. In a game about crushing things with a big rock, physics might be the absolute most important aspect of the technology under the hood. 


Of course, what silly time is complete without friends? Players can compete against one another across several 4-player multiplayer modes. Customizable boulders and banners help players stand out on the battlefield and provide a signature flair for their victories. Of course, these modes, as well as the core single-player campaign, have been furnished with a greater number of units and more avenues for strategic boulder maneuvering than the first Rock of Ages. This gives players more tools and options than ever before (to crush their foes with a giant boulder).   



Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder has released on the Nintendo Switch's eShop and more than stands on its own merits. However, if you need extra motivation and own The Binding of Isaac, buying the game within the next two weeks (ending on May 28) will net you DLC inspired by the excellent roguelike dungeon crawler. That DLC includes a boulder designed in honor of the titular Isaac, three in-game avatars based on Isaac, Azazel, and Blue Baby, and three The Binding of Isaac banners to fly over the battlefield. 


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