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River City: Tokyo Rumble Brawls onto 3DS Armed with Bicycles

Jack Gardner



In the mood for a classic brawler? Natsume might just be able to scratch that itch with River City: Tokyo Rumble, one of the few River City titles to make its way to North America recently.


Players take control of Kunio, a high school student with a searing sense of justice. That dedication to all that is good and right comes into its bloody-knuckled glory when a new gang rolls into Tokyo one day and decides to take over. Kunio won't be having any of their guff! Armed with a variety of gritty melee weapons like iron knuckles or chains and various situational items like soccer balls or bicycles. 


Though Kunio might be armed to the teeth with bicycles and leaving a trail of bruised gang members in his wake, he still needs a job. Between work and butt-kicking, players can level their abilities, stop for snacks, and just revel in mayhem. 


Natsume has been pleasantly surprised by the early responses to their localization of River City: Tokyo Rumble, which initially released back in 2013 for Japanese 3DS owners. "We have already gotten early feedback that River City: Tokyo Rumble is a 'cant-put-it-down' experience, and we love hearing that reaction," said Hiro Maekawa, President & CEO of Natsume. "The series has an amazing following, and we know that this will be another great addition for fans and newcomers to the series alike!"



Here's hoping Natsume takes this as a sign that Western audiences would love more River City in their lives. 

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