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Ride Giraffes and Eat Questionable Cupcakes in The Adventure Pals

Jack Gardner



Armor Games Studios, publisher of indie gems like Sonny and Pinstripe, and developer Massive Monster have announced that The Adventure Pals will be releasing early next month. 


The zany co-op platformer sends a pair of kids off on an adventure to save their grandpa from being turned into a hot dog. Players take on the role of one of the kids, either solo or in co-op, and ride off to do battle against the forces of wackness on the backs of their trusty giraffe steeds. Over the course of their adventure, they'll give semi sentient cupcakes to cats, make friends with rocks, and do battle against a whole host of strange baddies. 


The Adventure Pals features over 100 levels spread across five worlds. Each world holds a variety of quests and characters that range from zombie pirate cats to hot dogs that squelch out land mines to a very large and very insecure whale. Completing quests will level the adventure pals up and open ever more powerful abilities.  


As part of the announcement, Armor Games Studios and Massive Monster have released a 10-minute gameplay preview that you can view below:


The Adventure Pals releases on April 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with a Switch version coming soon after that date.   

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