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Resident Evil 4 Gameplay on Xbox One and PS4 Looks Silky Smooth

Jack Gardner



The Japanese YouTube channel for the Resident Evil franchise has posted two videos showcasing Resident Evil 4 running in 1080p and 60fps. The remaster includes all bonus and add-ons that have made their way to the game in its subsequent re-releases since 2005. The bonus content includes New Game Plus, Ada Wong's side missions, a Mercenaries mode, assorted weapons, and outfits.  


The first video shows Leon Kennedy dealing with an onslaught of parasite-controlled villagers known as Ganados in the introductory level. It's definitely interesting to see what arguably became the most iconic scene of Resident Evil 4 rendered in HD (and with a player who very clearly knows what they are doing). 



The second gameplay segment delves into a slice of action from the mid-game in which Leon Kennedy and Ashley Graham need to navigate puzzles in a while the robed cult members of Los Illuminados advance up castle halls with shields and flails.



Resident Evil 4 HD will release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 30. It will retail for $19.99 and be available both digitally and in disc form. 


For an in-depth discussion, check out The Best Games Period episode dedicated to Resident Evil 4 featuring game developer Erik Scott.  

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