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Resident Evil 2 Remake Receiving Free Alternate Scenarios

Jack Gardner



It's safe to say that the Resident Evil 2 remake has been a resounding success for Capcom, and it's one they are celebrating with free DLC depicting some big "what-if" scenarios. Players will no longer be limited to Leon, Claire, Ada Wong, and Tofu (the best survivor of them all) any longer.


Titled The Ghost Survivors, the DLC will add three new characters to the game for players to explore hypothetical alternate realities in which some of those who died in Raccoon City strive to make it out of the undead apocalypse. The titular Ghost Survivors, an unnamed and masked soldier, a gunsmith and shop owner named  Robert Kendo, and the mayor's daughter, Katherine Warren. Each will have an entire chapter's worth of content to flesh out their stories. 


If you are interested in seeing the Japanese developers of the Resident Evil 2 remake talking about the DLC, you can watch the announcement below. They begin talking about The Ghost Survivors at around 1:21:00. It's not in English, so you might have to rely on YouTube's awful auto translation to make some sense of it if you don't know the language (not that the translation will give you much insight). 



In addition to the story/gameplay DLC, The Ghost Survivors will include retro costumes for Leon and Claire, both looking excellent in all their blocky, PlayStation 1-era glory.


The Ghost Survivors hits Resident Evil 2 remake owners on February 15. 

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