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Quantic Dream Teases Release Dates for Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Remasters

Jack Gardner


Back in June, Quantic Dream announced that it would be remastering both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 4. Since 2013's Dark Sorcerer E3 demo the studio has largely been keeping to itself, and the break in radio silence excited a lot of people. Part of the hype was the prospect of playing Heavy Rain again and also playing through Beyond: Two Souls chronologically, a game mode that is being added to the PS4 remaster of the title. The French studio touted the improved fidelity of their graphics, though there haven't been screenshots or video shared with the public as of yet.

After months of returning to silence, Quantic Dream reminded everyone that a release date for the remasters is coming sometime in the near future:

So, we'll be getting the release dates soon, but sooner than what Quantic Dream meant three moths ago when they said the release date would be coming soon. We'll let you know as soon as we know. 

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Heavy Rain was great, but I agree, Beyond Two Souls wasn't that good. Do they need a remaster? probably not, but that is Sony's answer to backwards compatibility.

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