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Quake Celebrates a Birthday: Hint, It Can Legally Drink

Naomi N. Lugo

Quake 21.jpg


Who would've thought that Quake was a millennial? The seminal first-person shooter celebrates its 21st birthday today as its official release date was June 22, 1996. 



Quake has seen many games in the franchise since that initial release date. Nowadays, Bethesda is in charge and 2017 will even see a new game, Quake Champions. The last core game released under the Quake banner before Champions was Quake 4 which came out in 2005. 



Quake Champions was announced at E3 2017 and will feature multiplayer combat. During E3 2017, it got a new gameplay trailer that highlighted the competitive esports aspect of the game as well as the upcoming QuakeCon which will run from August 24-27.  


Did you play Quake back in the day? Will you play it today to celebrate?

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