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Pursue a Master Thief in The Raven Remastered

Jack Gardner



King Art Games released an episodic adventure series back in 2013 called The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief. This year, King Art returns to its mystery to remaster it for modern consoles and give it a new coat of paint for the PC crowd. This new version will simply be called The Raven Remastered. 


The Raven focuses on unraveling the mystery behind the theft of a ruby from the British Museum in 1964. In its place was found a raven feather, the calling card of a master thief who disappeared without a trace years earlier. The ruby is one of a pair - the second is sent to Cairo for exhibition under the watchful eye of the player character, the bumbling constable Anton Jakob Zellner. Zellner quickly finds himself embroiled in a mystery that he had only ever encountered in his beloved mystery novels, complete with a debonair sleuthing rival in the form of Nicolas Legrand. 




When The Raven released five years ago, it received praise for its voice acting and narrative, as well as some criticism for its reliance on outdated adventure game mechanics. Perhaps those mechanics have improved with age? 


The remaster offers improved animations, a revamped lighting system, and new hair rendering all in HD. It also adds French, Spanish and Simplified Chinese support for the first time, which comes in addition to the already available German, Russian, Polish and Italian localizations. The trailer released to announce the upcoming remaster seems to oscillate between appropriately moody lighting showing off the improvements made and some... less visually appealing moments as seen in the thumbnail for the trailer. 



Can you keep the Eye of the Sphinx safe on its long journey to Cairo when The Raven Remastered releases on March 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC?

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