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Publisher EuroVideo Medien Brings Indie Titles The Mandate and The Dwarves to E3 2016




A mix between Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Trek, The Mandate takes inspiration from major sci-fi staples for its fantastic space setting. Command a star fleet and explore the universe as the captain of humanity, finally living the dream of getting to hear, "captain on the bridge!" in the upcoming indie title from Perihelion Interactive.



In The Mandate, you're only as strong as your crew. Players will need to pick their officers wisely to oversee their ships. However, officers aren't the only thing that players will need to carefully choose from three different ships and their subsequent upgrades in order to survive. Taking down enemy ships between the stars of the Milky Way nets players valuable cargo, which you can drop off at the home base for later use. The Mandate releases early next year for PC. 


King Art Games' The Dwarves is a tactical fantasy game based on the book The Dwarves by German fantasy author Markus Heitz. Players battle as their favorite Dwarven characters following the storyline from The Dwarves, but with freedom to explore its sweeping world. Fans of the book should expect to encounter characters and missions that are entirely original to the game. It's a classic tale of good versus evil with gameplay resembling the pause-and-play tactics of Dragon Age: Origins mixed with the large scale encounters of Dynasty Warriors.



The Dwarves will be released for PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 this fall. 

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