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PSVR Showcase Includes Until Dawn Prequel And Skyrim VR

Naomi N. Lugo

Master of the Deep.JPG


One of the main focuses of the Sony E3 2017 press conference was showcasing support for its VR headset. Keep reading below to see all of the upcoming games coming to PSVR. 



Sure to please a slew of Elder Scrolls fans, Sony started out its VR showcase with Skyrim in VR. In the trailer, we got to see various combat systems including the title's signature dragon shouts. 



Next up was Star Child, a third-person new IP with a sci-fi setting appropriate for its name.  



Final Fantasy XV Monster of the Deep focuses on the fishing mini-game from the main game. The game has a release date of September 2017.



The Inpatient explores a vintage mental asylum and teases "discover who you are before it’s too late." The setting is familiar to those who have played Until Dawn. Players will be in Blackwood Sanatorium 60 years before the events of Until Dawn. 



Bravo Team is a first person shooter set in a "fictional " modern day Eastern European city.



The last of the VR games of the 2017 conference was a title called Moss that focused on a mouse. The adorable little critter roams around in a fantastical natural world.


Which games are you excited for in VR? What titles do you want to see?

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