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PSA: Almost 8,000 Games Are on the Internet Archive

Jack Gardner



A couple years back, we told you about how the Internet Archive had added 2,400 MS-DOS games to its collection. That number of MS-DOS titles has since grown to over 4,000, but there are actually almost double that number of gaming titles that archived from other systems and consoles. The current total number of explorable gaming software on the Archive stands at 7,700. That's a lot of games!


The console collection of The Internet Archive includes a staggering number of obscure systems. Ever wondered what it was like to play a Fairchild Channel F? They have 45 games anyone can try out. Never heard of the Epoch Game Pocket Computer? You can play five of those titles. In fact, there are 27 collections of uploaded and emulated software available, including over 1,500 Sega games across four of their consoles.


Below you can find a comprehensive list of the consoles, the number of games in the collection, and links to their related collections on Internet Archive:


Amstrad GX-4000 - 23 

APF-MP1000 - 15

Atari 2600 - 519

Atari 5200 - 43

Atari 7800 – 73

Bally Astrocade - 20

Bandai Super Vision 8000 - 7

Coleco Colecovision - 234

Emerson Arcadia – 58

Entex Adventure Vision - 4

Epoch Game Pocket Computer - 5

Epoch Super Cassette Vision - 31

The Fairchild Channel F – 45

Magnavox Odyssey 2 – 122

Mattel Aquarius - 13

Mattel Intelevision - 21

Mega Duck WG-108 - 9

Neo Geo Pocket/Pocket Color – 316

Sega Game Gear - 446

Sega Genesis - 575

Sega Master System - 563

Sega SG-1000 - 74

Socrates - 8

Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit games - 323

Super A’Can – 9

VTech Creativision - 17

Watara Supervision - 44


However, are all of those games worth looking into? That answer is definitely a bit hazy. While Internet Archive can successfully emulate all of these titles, the controls and responsiveness of said games leaves a lot to be desired. The ideal way to play these is definitely not on the Archive, but it stands as a useful repository of history and research for those who want to know more about gaming's past. The uploaded titles include unfinished prototypes and builds for various games, too! Just be warned - there are a lot of... eccentric titles on the Internet Archive that have been made by homebrew developers and may contain some explicit material. 



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