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Pro Players Hint at Impending Warcraft III Remaster

Jack Gardner



People have been wondering for years when Blizzard would be revisiting Warcraft in its original RTS form. For years the studio has played coy or even outright denied that they were working on either a remaster or a new entry in the venerable strategy series.


To this day, there are players around the world that play Warcraft III in both for fun and in official tournaments. Some of those pro players found themselves invited to a secret event in the United States that they were allowed to hint at, but not discuss directly. managed to catch the player known as Happy in Serbia along with fellow pro Hawk while they were seeking visas to travel to the US for that mysterious event. Happy released the following statement:


A little about the "surprise".

While I can not disclose the details, I was allowed to hint. At the end of this month there will be a certain event (offline) - what will be there is still a secret. Because all this event will take place in the US - I will need to make a visa. 




I can not reveal the big details yet. But I was told, soon announcement.


While some might have hoped that Warcraft IV might be the reveal, a major patch released for Warcraft III last year combined with Blizzard's previous statements implying that balancing out the original release would be necessary before a remaster. With the recent remaster of the original StarCraft and a number of the biggest Warcraft III pros around the world travelling to a secret event, all signs seem to point toward the imminent announcement of a Warcraft III remaster. 

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