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Popular Internet Personality "The Angry Video Game Nerd" to Release Game

Jack Gardner


Retro video game reviewer and content creator over at Cinemassacre.com James Rolfe (AKA The Angry Video Game Nerd) has accrued quite the following over the last few years. With over one million YouTube subscribers and his own website, he reviews old video games and movies, makes his own films, and works on various other projects like the Monster Madness month-long events. The Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) show that he creates reviews retro games and features a lot of amusingly hyperbolic language and rage-filled tirades about crappy game design. (AVGN Disclaimer: The show makes use of a very colorful vocabulary. If you are offended by vulgar language, it isn’t recommended for you.)


Today marked the Nerd’s entry into the arena of making games. The debut trailer for Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, which you can see below, makes it clear that it will be a sidescrolling shooter in the vein of classics like Mega Man, while retaining the show’s sense of impropriety and James’ trademark exaggerated frown. Not much is known about the title as of yet, but the screenshots released alongside the trailer seem to indicate that many of the levels will draw inspiration from a variety of classic 2D sidescrollers like Super Mario World and Castlevania.



The game is currently slated for release on PC sometime this year. People who are partial to Steam, you can visit the title’s Greenlight page and vote for it to be released on Steam.


For more information, you can visit the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Facebook page.



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