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Pokémon Go Getting Revamped Gyms and Cooperative Raids

Marcus Stewart

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Pokémon Go may not dominate the public consciousness the way it once did, but that hasn't stopped Niantic from improving the game with updates. The company announced two big (and free) updates are heading to mobile title.


Gyms are receiving a massive overhaul to make "ownership more collaborative" and encourage players to interact with their gyms in new ways. Prestige and training no longer dictate how Gyms operate. Players can instead store Pokémon in six permanent slots, with challengers battling a Gym's monsters in the order they were assigned. A new motivation system impacts a Pokémon's CP by lowering it with each defeat. However, friendly trainers can boost motivation by feeding defending Pokémon berries. The Gym's Photo Disc can now be spun to obtain items (just like with PokéStops) and Badges can be earned and leveled up by interacting with your team's Gym. 


Raid battles allow trainers to face powerful Pokémon in 20-player strong battles with raid bosses. These timed events temporarily take over Gyms, and defeating these bosses will reward valuable new items as well as the chance to capture the boss. Players will also be able to invite friends into private raid groups using a custom code system. 


Keep an eye for these changes to start rolling out in the coming weeks. You can read more about the updates on the Pokémon Go blog. If you haven't opened Pokémon Go in a while, are these changes enough to lure you back in? 


UPDATE: Raids in Pokémon Go have now fully rolled out and are available to all players at level 5 and above!

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