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PlayStation's September State of Play Spotlights 16 Upcoming Games

Jack Gardner



PlayStation broadcast its slate of titles that will be making their way to PlayStation 4 over the next several months via its State of Play platform. Today brought us tantalizing looks at new indie games like Humanity, Arise, a sweeping overview of PSVR games, and the AAA games coming out between now and early 2020. The State of Play also revealed the PS Plus games in store for October. Modeled after Nintendo's announcement and update series, Nintendo Direct, State of Play offers players a direct and digestible line of information on the latest games coming to Sony's flagship console.


Here's everything that Sony revealed at their livestreamed event:


Humanity - A new game from Enhance, the developer behind games like Rez and Tetris Effect. It appears to be some sort of puzzle game depicting the mass movement of people in both peaceful and violent ways. It's framed as a puzzle experience where the player guides streams of humans into pillars of light. Perhaps it is a commentary on some sort of afterlife?


Humanity will be coming sometime in 2020.



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - State of Play revealed a new trailer focused on the story of the upcoming entry in the Call of Duty franchise. The story follows Captain Price, a brewing civil war in the Middle East, chemical weapons, and a US Embassy under attack. One of the main characters of the story appears to be the daughter and of a terrorist, their conflicting ideologies creating additional drama. The Special Ops Survival Mode, this game's co-op, will be coming to PlayStation 4 first.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases next month on October 25.



Wattam - One of the more inexplicable games teased during the State of Play broadcast, Wattam comes from the creators of Katamari Damancy. It seems to be about shapes trying to be friends. Players are tasked with connecting reconnect various anthropomorphic shapes and characters and building up their relationships. A big part of this appears to be the primary character tipping its hat to reveal a present shaped bomb, a friendship kaboom, that explodes and spreads happiness. The game takes players across numerous worlds to spread love and kindness. It even allows singleand co-op play. 


Wattam will be coming to PlayStation 4 during December of this year.



Arise - Coming as part of a joint endeavor from the folks at Techland and Piccolo, Arise seems to be a story about an old man navigating the afterlife. We're treated to scenes of him traveling through a snow filled wasteland, seemingly in pursuit of a light on a distant mountain. That journey leads him through vibrant forests and dark stretches that appear to be home to some kind of hostile force.


While Arise was teased as coming soon, no date was announced. 


PlayStation VR games were shown in a rapid-fire manner, one right after the other. Viewers were treated to a good look at the drama, car chases, and gun fights of LA Noir: The VR Case Files, a game that Sony proudly announced was released today. The next game glimpsed was Gorn, a fantasy gladiator combat VR experience making its way from PC to PS4 sometime during Winter 2019. A thrilling spy adventure, Espire1: VR Operative, comes to the console later this month. Stardust Odyssey appears to be a fantastical space voyage through an imaginative universe on a mystical spacecraft, another Winter 2019 title. After the Fall is a VR game with monsters and mystery that will be releasing sometime in 2020. Finally, Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funny News Flash brings a lighthearted and psychedelic dancing experience to VR sometime during Fall 2019. 



MediEvil - A demo launched today showcasing the revamped graphics and combat of the classic PlayStation 1 title. Playing through the demo will unlock a special hat in the full game.


Sir Daniel rises again to fight evil and look better than ever this October.



Sid Meier's Civilization VI - The popular strategic history game comes to PlayStation 4. It's supposedly a direct adaptation of the PC version. At launch, there will also be a bundle of the two expansions, Rise & Fall + Gathering Storm, will also be available. However, the bundle will be sold separately. The PlayStation 4 version will come with free Nubia + Khmer and Indonesia civilization & scenario packs.


All of this hits stores on November 22.



Death Stranding launches on November 8. Sony's State of Play announced that the game's launch would be accompanied by a limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro bundle the comes with the game, a custom PlayStation 4 Pro, and a unique controller design. 


Afterparty - An indie game from Night School, the developers behind the adventure game Oxenfree, Afterparty tells the story of Milo and Lola, two college friends who died right before graduating from college. Following their deaths, they were sent to Hell. However, as they were making their way through the bureaucracy, they learned of a loophole and challenged Satan himself for a chance to escape their eternal fate. In order to defeat the demon, the friends will have to out party the monarchs of hell and eventually the devil himself by drinking, dancing, and gaming their way through Hell.


Afterparty hits PlayStation 4 on October 29.



One of the last teases of State of Play came in the form of the upcoming lineup of free games for PlayStation Plus members during the month of October. The two games being given away for free will be MLB The Show 19 and The Last of Us Remastered. This will allow baseball fans to get their game on during the World Series and give PS Plus members the chance to catch up on The Last of Us before The Last of Us Part II releases next year.


The Last of Us Part II - The last game of the broadcast, The Last of Us Part II stands as Sony's most anticipated first party title on the horizon. The new trailer gives fans a better look at what to expect from the story, though early reactions to the trailer seem to reflect disappointment with the direction the game seems to be taking the queer romance that featured prominently in the original reveal trailer. The latest story tidbit gives fans their first look at Joel, the protagonist from the first game.


The Last of Us Part II releases on Feb 21, 2020.



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