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Play All Out War Game Jam Winner Remember the Fallen

Jack Gardner



Put together by Joe Kinglake and Bradley Smith, Remember the Fallen emerged during a game jam lasting merely 48 hours as a fully playable and effective game. 


The game jam in question was put on by, and asked participants to develop games with the theme of "all out war. Developers were given 48 hours to whip up a functional game from scratch. Finished games were then judged by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead. Though there were numerous worthy entries (including one that pitted zombies against tigers), Remember the Fallen was declared the victor. did an excellent interview with them following their achievement, which you can read for yourself.


After playing the game, it is not hard to see why Kirkman chose Remember the Fallen as the game jam champion. Players take on the role of someone who comes across a small village that has been reduced to rubble. Everything is destroyed except for the recent graves of five soldiers. As soft music plays, players traverse the ruins, picking roses to place at the graves of the fallen. The game takes only a few minutes to complete, but it is nonetheless effective at stirring up emotions.


What does the future have in store for Remember the Fallen? Will it be left as is? Or will it be made into a full game? In either case, you should do yourself a favor and spend a couple minutes remembering the fallen.


Remember the Fallen can be played here.

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