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Pillars of Eternity Expansion Drops Today

Jack Gardner



Edit: Part two released today completing the two part expansion for Pillars of Eternity called The White March. The White March brings quality of life upgrades like enhanced party and enemy AI, new companions, higher levels, and more.


The White March adds an entirely new area in the bitter north, inspired by the setting of Icewind Dale. The addition includes a new hub area, new quests, and dungeons. Obsidian promises that this content will give players a great deal of game to experience. The addition of two levels to the level cap per expansion part (12 to 14 and 14 to 16) grants powerful new spells and abilities to use as players rank to the height of their power. New weapons and two new companions are introduced in The White March. The Devil of Caroc and Zahua, a rogue and a monk respectively, will join the player during their adventures through the expansion and remain with them afterward. 



The full White March expansion is now available. Apologies for goofing the story earlier and reporting that just part one released.  

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16 minutes ago, daddywarrbux said:

its in my library, just haven't had time to play it yet :( 

I totally understand it. I made a vow not to try to review a game like Pillars in under a week like I did with Wasteland 2. Pillars has been on my backburner for a couple months now and it has 61 hours in it so far with no end in sight. It's a sizable time investment. XD

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