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Overwatch Gets into the Holiday Spirit with Its Winter Update

Jack Gardner



A new seasonal event has descended upon the world of Overwatch bringing with it an icy new look and gift-wrapped loot boxes. The Overwatch Winter Wonderland update revamps the maps with snow, ornaments, and goodies to freshen up the experience of veteran players and welcome newcomers.


From now until January 2, traditional loot boxes will be replaced with wrapped presents that all contain at least one item from the 2016 Winter Wonderland event. Blizzard has added over one hundred items to be unlocked in this update. Much like the Summer Games and Halloween events, these items will only be available for a limited time before they are locked away again. If the random number gods don't favor you with the skins or items you want from loot boxes, you'll be able to unlock the seasonal items during this month from the Hero Gallery.


Winter Wonderland brings one other major addition to the table: Mei's Snowball Offensive. The brawl mode offers players the chance to participate in a 6v6 snowball fight with specialized rules that can lead to some intense skirmishes. Teams of Meis vie for suprem-icy with modified guns that fire snowballs instead of icicles. However, every shot counts as these newfangled contraptions can only hold one snowball at a time before players need to search out a snow pile to reload. Everyone goes down in just one hit, so careful use of Mei's other abilities, properly timed ice walls and cryo-freezes, will be required to survive the playful game mode. Mei's ultimate has also been reworked for the mode, allowing players to fire a continuous stream of snowballs at enemies. 



Players only have until January 2 to enjoy the Winter event before it disappears until next year. Until then, happy holidays and happy Overwatch-ing!

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