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OverClocked Remix Releases 49th Album in Honor of the Game Boy's 25th Anniversary

Jack Gardner



The talented video game remixing community that thrives on OverClocked Remix has put together their latest (completely free) album in tribute to the handheld gaming system that brought mobile gaming mainstream and its creator, Gunpei Yokoi.





The fifteen tracks of Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary are a lovingly crafted tribute to the massively successful Game Boy. Like the memories of the now obsolete system, the sixteen artists who worked on the album manage to convey a beautiful sense of nostalgia. This is worth checking out for anyone who remembers fond moments with the Game Boy or anyone who loves good music, for that matter.


I make no secret of how much I love OverClocked Remix. The video game remix community is an interesting one that brims with talented musicians who provide their own unique takes on the classic video game music we all love and also some of the music that isn't so widely known (like this remix of the Versus Play music from Super Dodge Ball or this remix based on OutRun). Almost all of the music on OCRemix available free of charge to download and enjoy, so enjoy one of the largest tributes to video game music on the internet and pay a visit to their site sometime.


You can download the Legacy album here.

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