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OnLive and Samsung Partner to Offer Three Months of OnLive Service with the Galaxy Note 4

Jack Gardner



OnLive and Samsung have announced a new partnership today that will offer Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users three months of cloud gaming for free. 


What does that mean for Galaxy Note 4 owners? Users will be able to download the OnLive Android app from the Samsung Galaxy App store and stream full-fledged PC and console games to their Note 4 anywhere they have access to Wi-Fi or a 4G connection. The package will grant customers access to over 250 games via OnLive's PlayPack titles. 


“The addition of the OnLive app to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 makes high-end games available that normally can’t be played on an Android tablet. We’re excited to give Samsung customers a taste of cloud gaming with the gift of 3 free months of unlimited gaming,” said Mark Jung, OnLive's executive chairman.


The OnLive subscription isn't limited to the Galaxy Note 4, either. Users can play on their new Galaxy Note 4 or use almost any other device including tablets, computers and HDTVs that would normally lack the processing power to run PC or console games. OnLive is also offering a seven day free trial of OnLive CloudLift, which allows users to access and play PC games that they already own be means of OnLive’s cloud-streaming technology.


It is a pretty cool offer and if you're in the market for a new smartphone this is certainly worth looking into.

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