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Nintendo Switch Battery Pack Adds 12 Hours of Mobile Power

Jack Gardner



One of the sticking points that some Switch owners have had with their new console is taking it with them on the go. The battery typically lasts less than three hours after removing the console from its dock, thought that time can be improved by playing less hardware intensive games. 


The days of those battery woes might be coming to an end with a new accessory developed by UK design company InDemand Design. The device, dubbed the SwitchCharge, latches onto the back of the portable Switch to act as both a case and a portable power source. The battery allows for an additional 10-12 hours of battery life depending on the games being played. In addition to that primary function, SwitchCharge offers an improved kickstand for stability when placed on flat surfaces and slots to carry two additional games while mobile. The SwitchCharge also solves a minor annoyance that has plagued Switch owners since launch: Charging while playing on the go.



If all of these things seem great, how can you get your hands on one? InDemand Design has started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $80,000 to jumpstart production on the SwitchCharge. The campaign runs for another month and is currently sitting at around $67,000 a single day into its campaign.


Indiegogo backers can get a SwitchCharge for a discounted amount at different reward tiers. Those who wait will have to pay the full $130 retail price.


What do you think? Does this device make for a better Switch or does it need more features to sell at $130? 

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