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Nintendo Shows Flashy and Useful Switch Add-Ons

Jack Gardner



The big N is at it again. During a Nintendo Direct yesterday, Nintendo announced that they would be releasing a new Joy-Con controller variant. No longer will players be confined to grey, red, and blue options for their controller needs. The neon yellow Joy-Cons are sure to add some pizzazz to anyone's console line-up and they are releasing alongside a yellow wrist strap controller add-on that will blend better than the grey wrist straps. 


Perhaps more importantly, a battery pack will also be coming soon to help extend the battery life of the Joy-Con controllers (though a first party battery pack for the Switch itself like the one we told you about last week doesn't seem to be in the works). Both the yellow Joy-Con and the controller battery packs will be released on June 16, the same day as Nintendo's upcoming boxing game Arms.


Also, for those who have been on the lookout for standalone Switch docking units, take heart! More will be released on May 19. Though pricey, these docks have found themselves in high demand from people who want to play their Switch on different televisions. As a result, many retailers have simply sold out. Nintendo, either to artificially inflate demand or because it didn't foresee that so many people might want more than one dock, hasn't released new docking units to retailers. This upcoming shipment should help relieve some of the demand pressure. 

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