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Nintendo Might Be Working on an SNES Classic

Jack Gardner



According to Eurogamer, anonymous sources close to Nintendo have confirmed that the company will be releasing a Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic, similar to the miniature NES Classic that was recently discontinued. Those same sources say that this miniaturized SNES has been scheduled for release this holiday season. 


This report also reveals the reason for the sudden discontinuation of the NES Classic despite continuing high demand for the micro-console. Nintendo never expected it to do all that well. They planned to produce enough to satisfy those who would buy it as a novelty. Instead, demand far outpaced their expectations, leading to an extended production schedule and plans for the SNES Classic. The production of the SNES Classic, sources claim, is what caused the discontinuation of the NES Classic.


This entire story hinges on Eurogamer's sources being accurate, so take it with a grain of salt. We'll update the story to let you know if Nintendo contradicts what the sources have said. That being said, this would be an awesome move that could see a fever-pitch of fan demand. The NES was certainly iconic, but the SNES library is tough to beat for quality and quantity. Depending on what games Nintendo puts on the plug-in console, there could be stampedes for the SNES Classic. 


If this turns out to be true, we will likely hear about it during E3 in June.

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Right? Like, I reading some plate armor and a halberd so I can fight my way through the crowds that will kill for this thing.

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