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Nintendo Announces Dr. Mario World for iOS and Android

Jack Gardner

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Today, Nintendo released a tweet to announce a new Dr. Mario game for mobile devices titled Dr. Mario World. The Dr. Mario franchise helped pave the way for the massive popularity of match 3 games with its fast-paced puzzle gameplay inspired by Tetris. The prospect of Dr. Mario's addictive gameplay making its way onto phones is certainly something that has a lot of long-time fans excited. 


Dr. Mario has been one of the more overlooked of Nintendo's core series. The puzzle spin-off of Mario got its start back in 1990 on the NES with Dr. Mario and has received a total of seven entries. The last Dr. Mario game was Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2015. 


The announcement states that Nintendo will be teaming up with Disney Tsum Tsum mobile developer Line Corporation to create Dr. Mario World. Disney Tsum Tsum was one of the top grossing mobile games of 2015 and was based on a line of Japanese plushies of Disney characters. Dr. Mario World will release in early summer 2019 and will be free for everyone, though it will include microtransactions. It releases for iOS and Android devices in 60 countries including Japan and the United States. The game will be co-developed/published with NHN Entertainment Corporation, a South Korean company that has had a hand in creating games like Tera and the the Kingsman: The Golden Circle puzzle game for mobile devices. 


Dr. Mario World represents Nintendo's further development of its burgeoning mobile market. The decision to begin partnering with other companies to create mobile games based on their popular franchises they made back in 2016 has proven to be a colossally lucrative one for the big N. We can only expect this trend to accelerate as it continues into the foreseeable future. 


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